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About the Practitioner

Briana S. Shidell

WI State Licensed Massage Therapist

Fox Valley School of Massage (FVSM) Graduate June 2012

Owner operater of Bri's Massage Therapy since September 2012


Stated on the home page, massage is an art. I thank you for allowing me to practice. You are a gift. 

Massage is my passion. I know what it's like to feel pain and be without answers. Pursuing this career has lead me to a path of continual lifestyle improvements. I have gained a deeper understanding of the foods I use to nourish my body. I have changed the consumer that I am, how I see the world around and what really matters.

I am constantly seeking knowledge and understanding for both myself and my clients. Education is of the highest priority and I work continuously to be a resource for understanding, aid and hope. My end goal is to empower my clients to put understanding into practice and become knowledgable on their bodies and how to best maintain.  

 In the past I participated in roller derby for 3 years and now practice yoga. Balance has become mandatory in my life. This helps me achieve my intention of being completely present, focused and grounded for every session. Keeping perspective on this intention has allowed me to assist my clients further in their health goals. 

I look forward to working with you!


Briana Shidell, LMT

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